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Buffalo Horn & Bone Button Blanks

Most craftsmen and artists use buttons to give their creations the perfect finishing touch. American buffalo horn buttons that are distinctive and stylish may be found in abundance at Hornnatural. They are attractive because of their rustic finishes and natural designs. We just offer the highest-quality horn buttons.

Buttons are used for more than just practical purposes; they also have other purposes. A button can be made from any material. They influence societal social perception, architectural design, and cultural trends. Not all buttons are used to fasten clothing; rather, they represent a fashion investment. There is no comparison for Hornnatural's excellent service and dependability. Our business is laser-focused on giving our customers the best possible service.

These are a few characteristics of horn buttons :

•   They are available in a wide variety of hues, forms, and patterns.
•   There won't be any cracking because they are quite strong.
•   High-quality raw materials provide products their superiority and extraordinaryity.
•   It is made from the thickest portion of the buffalo horn.
•   Because we are cognizant of the demands of both domestic and foreign clients, our shipping.
•   costs are reasonable and will not strain your budget.

Buffalo Horn & Bone Button Blanks

1 Buffalo Horn Black Button Blanks

Buffalo Horn & Bone Button Blanks

2 Buffalo Horn Multicolored Button Blanks

Buffalo Horn & Bone Button Blanks

3 Buffalo Horn Button Blanks Color 2

Cow/Ox horn button blanks

Horn Button Blanks Color 09